Late Fall – Tree Seed Bed and Second Pond

I took a few days in early November to head-up to the farm to get the seedbed installed. I have 100 hazelnuts seeds from a variety found in Saskatchewan, 100 burr oak seeds (acorns) from a selected variety first found in the US in the early 20th Century, 100 red […]

Fall Farm Weekend

Thanks to everyone who came out to the farm this October. It was such a sight, to see all three wheelbarrows in use, and accomplishing things in minutes instead of hours. Unfortunately the Sunday was rainy, but the Saturday was glorious. We completed the paths, planted a bunch of spring […]

Sunny August Day

The Food Forest is looking lush and green, with cosmo’s and clover flowering in the foreground As you can see there are no paths in the picture — these are to come.

Spring Update

I was pleasantly surprised to recently arrive up at the food forest, and see a mostly lush landscape. All of the trees planted (apples, pears, hazeulnuts, serviceberries, alders, buartnuts, black walnuts, butternuts) and berries (red, white, black currants, jostaberries, honeyberries, raspberries), garlic, chives, oregano and thyme had taken.     […]

Spring Melt Pond

With the spring melt the location of the food forest pond at the crotch of a watershed on the site means that it is slowing and infiltrating the water, hopefully to the point where the pond becomes well sealed and holds the water.  Last year, with the fall digging, it […]

Pond Update

I dug the pond out only a few hours before a major rain storm that brought 40-60mm of rain to the area. Within 12 hours there was a little muddy puddle in the bottom. In the weeks that have followed it has been remarkable to see how quickly life is […]

Progress on Pond

Last Friday I was able to dig most of the pond for the orchard.  I chose the crotch of the small valley on the site as the site, so that drainage from the surrounding slopes can collect there, and hopefully recharge the water on-site.  There was 2-3ft of topsoil before […]

The Initial State of Affairs

So it begins!! Above is the initial state of affairs on the Balsam Savanna site.  A grass meadow used for straw and hay, sculpted around 1865 out of a combination of cedar swamp and hardwood forest (mostly maple).  The area for the site is around 20,000 sqft (about half an […]