Pond Update

I dug the pond out only a few hours before a major rain storm that brought 40-60mm of rain to the area. Within 12 hours there was a little muddy puddle in the bottom. In the weeks that have followed it has been remarkable to see how quickly life is […]

Progress on Pond

Last Friday I was able to dig most of the pond for the orchard.  I chose the crotch of the small valley on the site as the site, so that drainage from the surrounding slopes can collect there, and hopefully recharge the water on-site.  There was 2-3ft of topsoil before […]

The Initial State of Affairs

So it begins!! Above is the initial state of affairs on the Balsam Savanna site.  A grass meadow used for straw and hay, sculpted around 1865 out of a combination of cedar swamp and hardwood forest (mostly maple).  The area for the site is around 20,000 sqft (about half an […]